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Posté le 01/12/2022 - Presse écrite

"Ar Marc'h Dall"

This is a CD and a booklet for the composition Ar Marc'h Dall with texts in breton composed by Job an Irien and music by René Abjean.
"Ar Marc'h Dall"
Personnes en lien avec l'article : René Abjean, Job an Irien, Geoffrey Berniolle

Some 100 singers and musicians are engaged in this performance which includes among others Véronique Autret, Gilles Servat, Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, singers from Corsica and percussionists from the Bagad Kemper. While orchestral in scope with solo singers and choir, you will also hear uilleann pipes, bombards, binioù-kozh, and other instruments. I know of this work from a 1980 recording on the Arion label. But it's renaissance here is certainly a welcome one. The oratorio's theme is one of love for Brittany and the renaissance of its music and culture.

Bro Nevez

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Ar Marc'h Dall - Livre-CD
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